More star players

With Groweo, even a small entrepreneur gets a full field of stars.

Focus on your skills

Are you trying alone or with a small team? Groweo offers you a full field of star players. Focus on what you want. And what you do best.

Suddenly, your team has a tireless salesperson, an efficient customer service representative or a modern marketer who contacts your customers as agreed. For you, this means that you can do more of what you love – your own work. In addition, it means more customers who want to buy your work.

Sell more

Groweo turns your online service or online store into a sales machine. And that’s just the beginning.

We improve the acquisition and marketing of leads even multiplied. Groweo acquires leads more efficiently and organizes them ready for you in the way you want. As a result, up to more than 200% more sales. And 100% understanding of every lead. And 0% poor customer experiences.

Serve while you sleep

Do you need help with invoicing questions, receiving orders, requests for quotations? It doesn’t matter – Groweo takes care of it.

Groweo’s intelligent SmartChat, Growth Apps placed on your site, and dynamic forms serve customers 24/7 with various questions that would otherwise interrupt your work. And from that on you will also have time to relax.

Market automatically

Online, customers want your answers right away. Also on Sundays. When you react as expected, you succeed. And your income statement will thank you.

Groweo’s Automations handle your marketing 24/7. When a customer asks a question on a Saturday night, they’ll get an answer on Saturday night. And on Monday, when you’re back to business, they probably have been contacted again.

Less is more

A small entrepreneur shouldn’t build a complex marketing environment. We offer a ready-made easy-to-manage package, an entirety of which would probably be too challenging for a small or even a medium size business.

You get to use Groweo for an affordable monthly price without any surprises or extra costs. The system will be in use, bringing support and growth to your company 1-3 days after the order. Call our sales or request a service demo.

Four reasons to get Groweo

Harness Smartchat to help you

Depending on your needs and implementation method, SmartChat helps your customers and acts as an effective lead engine. You can also use it in calculating offers and in customer service among many other things.

Smart Forms boosts your business

Groweo’s dynamic Smart Forms collect the information you need. Receive inquiries, collect contacts in your customer register, or share materials. Do everything that was left undone before, without spending your valuable time on it.

Take advantage of Automation in marketing

Groweo manages and segments your customers with infinite precision. In addition, the system automatically markets to each of your customer segments in the right way, at the right time. Personally, of course.

Increase income without new media costs

For many, the simplest way to double the number of contacts is to double or even triple the media costs. Groweo’s way is to do the same without new investments in media. Pretty good, right?

How is it? Should we boost your business?

Leave your contact information, ask a question, call or book a presentation time that fits your schedule. In 30 minutes, we’ll let you know how your company’s going to grow smarter, cheaper, and faster tomorrow.