Marketer’s playing field

Make every marketing message relevant. For everyone.

Better results

Groweo’s heart is in marketing. And in sales. We offer the tools and the environment that connects your marketing to your sales goals.

The customer data collected by the Growth Apps is transferred to the Customer Data Platform. The data is segmented according to your needs, and internal and external automation starts – no more marketing without results.

A successful customer experience

All marketing in Groweo’s environment is analyzed in real-time, from the number of views to a successful order.

Not many marketing processes work perfectly on the first try, or even after a few A-B tests. Groweo’s system shows an area-specific instantly and updates the situation every time you make changes. Resulting in a better customer experience. And a better marketing environment.

A solid segmentation

Every piece of information, contact, lead, and customer used in Groweo’s marketing process gets segmented in the way you want.

Build more intelligent segments with a two-decimal precision. Categorize contacts, leads, and customers that go with your marketing and sales goals. You will know what combines results and goals most effectively in the future.

1:1 Marketing

Mass marketing is not usually very effective. With personal 1:1 marketing, you can achieve over two times better effectiveness.

With Groweo’s tools, you build precise, automatic 1:1 marketing processes based on customer behavior. In the future, you will communicate with your target groups in a truly personal way and exactly the way you want.

360° view

Follow the appeal of your marketing and your customers’ product and service attraction seamlessly.

Growth Dashboard shows what in your online service attracts interest, and above all, which of your content gives the desired results. In the future, you will develop the profitability of your marketing more effectively with the help of better data.

On your brand’s terms

Brand Builder ensures that you will get the Growth Apps fit with your online environment and brand seamlessly.

Summer campaign -20 %, activation of key customers, influencers for the weekend’s event. Whatever your needs are, you can customize the no-code app seamlessly to your visual goals.

Skill, knowledge, and tools

The most important element of marketing is the content, and one of the most important skills of a marketer is to create content that fulfills business goals. Groweo offers marketers the technology and data to create and utilize even better content.

Our technology ensures that you have an accurate picture of the customer experience created by your marketing in its various stages. Groweo’s 1:1 marketing tools bring a cost-effective addition to your current channel strategy.

Build on a strong foundation

Once you use Groweo to strengthen the performance and conversion of your own channels, such as online service and online store, you can build more and more creative campaigns on an even stronger foundation.

Lead the customer experience

The Growth Dashboard shows exactly what’s working and what’s not at different stages of the customer experience. By segmenting contacts, you ensure that you create the best possible customer experience for all target groups.

Customize your messages more effectively

Go from generic messages to personalized 1:1 marketing. When communication is based on customer classification and customer actions, more and more effective communication is created for more and more customers.

Ensure your success

Even the most skilled marketer sometimes created something that doesn’t work as expected. With Groweo, you can spot performance-related challenges in time and save valuable media costs.

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