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Below we collected the topics we get the most questions about. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us.

1. Set up and technology

This section discusses issues related to the implementation of the service as well as the service’s technology and compatibility with different publishing systems.

With 99.9% certainty, yes. All Groweo Apps have a ready-made JavaScript that can be easily integrated into any web service and any technology. Simply: no code – no dependency. The service is easy to install – the use and more efficient growth start immediately.

With 99.9% certainty, yes. All Groweo Apps have a ready-made JavaScript that can be easily integrated into any web service and any technology. Simply: no code – no dependency. The service is easy to install – the use and more efficient growth start immediately.

The Growth Engine service is already on our server immediately when the account is opened and does not require a separate installation. From the opening of the account, customer transfers to the CDP platform, automation, and the Dashboard are ready for use.

You can install the Groweo Growth Apps for your website or online store yourself through your website’s content management tool, or if you don’t maintain your online service yourself, you can ask your online service to install them. You can also order technical installation from us during commissioning. In all cases, installation is easy and happens quickly. We are happy to help you.

Groweo Growth engine service is modular and only limitedly integrated into the customer’s system, so there’s no security-related dependency between the customer and Groweo’s systems. We strictly follow the GDPR guidelines and have ensured that all information we collect. on your behalf is stored securely and all personal information is encrypted and stored in our system.

The commissioning of Groweo Growth Engine takes between two hours and five business days, depending on the scope of the installation. Factors affecting the installation time include:

  • The number of growth applications used on your website / online store
  • The complexity of the applications used, especially the content structures of SmartChat
  • Scope and segmentation of the customer base in the CDP system (if transferred)
  • Number of automation to be implemented
  • Potentially executed contents and visualizations of 1:1 marketing messages.

Please note that you enable the service in stages for example by starting with SmartChat. Generally, the service is available 1-3 days after the order.

Yes. All Groweo’s services are multilingual and work also in English. If a part of your staff wants to use the service in another language that works as well – everyone can choose their personal language themselves. On top of that all the help you need is available in English as well as in Finnish.

Our customer service can serve you in English and in Finnish, whichever is best for you.

Of course. You can install the service yourself or you can use a third party for that, for example the creator of the web page. Our service includes the installation, so you can leave that to us if you want. We are happy to help with whichever option works best for you.

2. Contract and expenses

Matters related to the terms of use and expenses arising from the use of the service.

Groweo service contract starts with a fixed-period of three months. After this, the contract is valid indefinitely with a one-month notice period. There are no separate expenses for it.

Groweo Growth Engine -service fees are split into two parts:

1. Commissioning, is invoiced when the service has been put to use. We offer ready-made and affordably priced commissioning methods for the service. If you wish, you can do it yourself or leave it to, for example, the current online service provider.

2. Service usage fee, which is billed at the billing interval you choose.  

The cheapest price of Groweo’s service is €199/month (VAT 0%). Also, the cheapest version of the service includes all four functions of Growth Engine, some with certain limitations:

  • Growth Apps
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Automations 1:1 marketing tools
  • Growth Dashboard

In order to get a package suited just for you, be in touch with our sales.

We offer flexible invoicing options depending on the contract type, from a three-month invoicing interval to a one-year invoicing interval as follows:

Invoice once a quarter year (every 3 months)
Invoice every half a year (every 6 months)
Invoice annually (every 12 months)

Any additional services ordered separately will be invoiced either in the next contract invoice or after the service has been produced.

The contractual partner is a Finnish limited company Groweo Oy. The company is liable for VAT and the invoices include VAT at the general rate of 24%. The price information on this page is stated without VAT, and this is mentioned in the price.

You can check our up-to-date company information, for example, from the ytj service of the patent and registration office and the Tax Administration from the link below.

Link to Groweo information.

3. Cooperation with Groweo

This paragraph discusses the activities between customers using the service and Groweo.

The most important thing for us is that the service is offered to the extent and in the way that suits you the best. The most common support needs of our customers are told below:

  • Implementation: We offer three options for implementation:
  • 1. Easy: An easy, fast, and affordable way to use Groweo SmartChat or Groweo Growth Engine. Depending on the order status and your rush, the commissioning can already be done on the same day. 
  • 2. Business:  Efficient and larger installation for use of Groweo SmartChat or Groweo Growth Engine.
  • 3. Just a sign up: If you want to do everything yourself, we can open a Groweo Growth Engine account for you. In this case, you can also use your current partner in the installation.
  • Technical support:  If necessary, you can get support from us regardless of your technical environment. In addition, to support, we can also take care of the installation for you.
  • Accelerating growth: We always make sure that growth acceleration is defined in the service package you ordered. In all cases, you can always contact our customer service and we will advise you on how to improve your business performance with Groweo Growth Engine.
  • Business understanding: We help you to make your business more and more efficient by developing strategies related to the use of Groweo’s services. In these cases, contact customer service and book an appointment with our strategist.

We serve our customers online around the clock, every day of the week. Online, you can handle the most common service needs with our SmartChat assistant. In all cases, you can start the process and we will get back to you shortly.

Our customer service staff is available on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. If necessary, you can also book a personal service appointment outside of normal service hours, e.g. via video conference.

Our service languages are Finnish and English. If you need service in another language, you can send us an email at

Our customer service is located in Postitalo, in the heart of Helsinki, just a hundred meters from the train station. Postitalo is one of Helsinki’s most important landmarks and its accessibility is excellent.

We mainly serve our customers via video conferencing or by phone, but you can also make an appointment with us at Postitalo.

You only need a working network connection and a web browser for video conferencing. In the video conference, we use the Google Meet service and will send you an invitation link to your e-mail.

If you’re not yet our customer, you can arrange a video conference with us here.

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