Make room for orders

Sell more during a visit.
And even more after it.

Sell more

We all know that the everyday life of an online retailer isn’t always easy. Although the store works and the products are good, there could still be more sales.

With Groweo, you sell more without new media costs. We focus on ensuring that an increasingly large proportion of customers who come to your store make a purchase decision either immediately or later. When more and more visitors end up with a purchase decision, it starts to make sense to increase media costs.

Market better

Transfer your current customer register to Groweo’s customer data platform and effectively grow the register even with those customers who leave with an empty cart.

Our tools enable the collection of valuable customer data even when a purchase decision isn’t made. And above all, our tools enable personal 1:1 marketing based on customer data in a way that makes shopping carts fill up later.

When conversion is everything

For an online retailer, conversion is one of the most important indicators. It’s hard to do well with low conversions.

Groweo improves conversion by developing a better customer experience during and after an online store visit.

Implement a sales assistant that effectively directs your customers to the right place. Take advantage of our Growth Apps and collects lead more effectively. Segment customers and switch to more effective 1:1 marketing, which will keep your store in the customer’s mind longer.

Guide more effectively to the purchase

With our service, you get an assistant for your online store based on personal customer needs. Direct your customers to the right product category, product, or sales support. Better service experience means better cash flow.

Increase sales with 1:1 marketing

You probably already use some kind of customer marketing system based on mass marketing. With Groweo, you get an efficient 1:1 system based on customer behaviour alongside, which contacts your customers more personally.

Campaign now and later

Our marketing tool based on customer segmentation markets to your customers both during the visit, and after and later a way that best supports your business at any given time. The same system supports ticketing for internally managed actions.

Recommend more effectively

Recommend and guide to additional sales, enhance campaign products and emphasize stock items that should finally be disposed of. Groweo offers several solutions for promoting and recommending products and product categories, from interactive chat to dynamic messages.

Should we increase the successfulness of your shop?

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