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Apps Library

From your own Growth Apps application library, you can find all customizable no-code apps for your online service and online store. Take into use fast and the growth can begin.

Depending on your needs, one, a few, or a group of team players, who sell, market, and serve your customers for you around the clock. And what’s best – always in an agreed way.

Smart Flow

Graphical Smart Flow is a visually impressive and dynamically advancing application for many purposes based on the interaction.

Activate the customer in an attention-grabbing way, do surveys, tests and recruit more impressively and efficiently than before. The graphic content progresses according to the choices made by the user, and the answer based on the interaction can be shared with the user immediately.

Smart Pop Up

Smart Pop Up is the most versatile and activating marketing activity of your online service.

For example. you can collect contacts, call requests or e-mail addresses. With Smart Pop Up, you can also implement dynamic, personal Pop Up solutions. Smart Pop Ups are activated precisely on selected pages according to the defined time, browsing method and/or user activity.

Smart Exit Pop Up

Are you already on your way to a competitor’s site? Smart Exit Pop Up is a marketing pop-up that is activated when leaving the page or intenting to leave.

With the help of Exit Pop Up, you can stop the exiting visitor with, for example, an inviting offer, by encouraging them to subscribe to the newsletter, or by giving them the opportunity to leave a message about their interest in the company or open jobs.

Smart Form

Customizable, dynamic Smart Forms for more efficient interaction and a better service experience than before.

Make use of visually impressive, multi-step (if desired) forms, restrained activation forms, individual buttons or extensive form sets suitable for mapping different information.

With the help of Smart Form forms, you activate visitors and collect information more intelligently than before.


The smarter SmartChat has multiple functionalities for the needs of sales, customer service, support functions, and marketing.

It’s not just about better 24/7 conversations with your customers, but also about the fact that SmartChat talks perfectly with different parts of Growth Engine. The conversation can, for example, start an automation that solves the challenges of the questioner or handles the booking event for you. The same automation ensures the next day that everything is in order, and takes additional sales opportunities a week later.

Smart Bot

Smart Bots, which are embedded seamlessly into the website, often serve as more effective tools for sales and lead acquisition than the familiar chat in the lower right corner.

Smart Bot will surely move the interaction on your website to the best possible place: where your service in question is presented. In addition to the location, the conversation can also be started with the essentials – when both already know what they are talking about. The result is more contacts, more leads and more sales.

Smart Notifications

Increase interaction and the performance of your Smart Chats by adding scheduled notifications and smart notification chains to your web service.

You can create one or several notifications as well as chained notification sets that encourage your website visitors subtly and precisely.

Smart Bar

With the help of the floating Smart Bar functions, you bring the right interaction prompt exactly to the right pages.

More phone calls, appointments, contact requests, job applications. Add almost any functionality you want to individual pages or your entire site. In the future, what you want the visitor to do will definitely be on display.

Smart Marketing

With the help of Smart Marketing automations, you convert prospects into leads, automate important processes, improve your company image and ensure the effectiveness and memory of website visits.

With the help of 1:1 marketing, you create timed messages and marketing chains that start seamlessly according to web browsing.

With the help of campaign marketing, you automatically send messages to the right contacts about the seasons most important to your company and other events according to your calendar from season to season and year to year.

Smart Segment

Smart Segment takes your opportunities to a completely new level. The system segments each interaction individually based on the conversation.

By combining the Smart Segment application and Smart Marketing automations, Groweo also sends the right answer option for you or starts the most suitable marketing process.

Create tests, mappings and more. When you promise to give an answer without delays, your site visitor has an even greater motivation to start the interaction. You will get better results with pre-segments and you also save time.

Smart Download

Improve service, productivity, and company image by distributing various materials to your customers – brochures, technical information, or, for example, discount coupons.

With our Download Tools, you can share almost any digital material. Distribute material immediately during an online visit or send your company’s brochure, coupon, or other useful material to your potential customers a few days later after the visit. Effective and easy.

Brand Builder

For brand builders, we offer a tool to customize our apps to fit your brand.

All of our apps can be customized to fit the brand of your company. Resulting in seamless compatibility.

Goodbye CRM. Welcome to CDP.

Transfer the user data of your customer register and online services to one system and enjoy the growth opportunities from better customer data.

Welcome to the center of growth

Growing a business is best done in a team where everyone does their job. The same ideology is behind Groweo’s technology with Growth Apps you get digital experts e.g. sales, marketing, customer service, and key customer management.

The seamless integration of apps and our backend system ensures that every interaction is recorded, processed, and transferred to a process that accelerates growth.

The result is an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution that puts your company’s growth at the center.

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