Customer Data Platform

Knowledge is power.

Everything counts.

Groweo Customer Data Platform gathers digital customer data into one system. When the knowledge about customers increases, so do the results.

Our Customer Data Platform is connected to all of the Growth Apps. In addition, you can also transfer your current customer register to the system. If you want to integrate the Customer Data Platform more broadly into your business environment, we offer customized Groweo Enterprise solutions.

Know your customers.

What appeals to your customers, what part of your content generates sales, and what decreases loyalty? In the future, obscurity will become a rarity.

The Customer Data Platform measures your target group’s interest in real-time, desire to engross, and motivation in doing purchases and contacting. In the future you’ll know which things in your company appeals customers and what in your communication and supplies enhances your cash flow the best. More information, more growth, less worries.

Segment by decimals.

Combine 2, 20, 200, or 2000 records and in an instant you’ll find yourself creating perfect segments to grow your business in no time.

Categorize your customers in a new, more intelligent way. Customer Data Platform’s segmentation tools will find the most potential customers, the best jobseekers, contacts in the need of service, and the most successful additional sales opportunities among your visitors.

Distribute tasks smartly.

Contact segments in your desired way as soon as the potential is found and later systematically. Or share tickets to the desks of HR, sales, customer service, and marketing.

Groweo’s Customer Data Platform enables the implementation of sales, marketing and automated services integrated with customer service and customer behavior directly in the Growth Engine.

Everything. About everything and everyone.

Customer-specific Groweo Enterprise Solutions makes our Customer Data Platfrom’s integration possible to almost all ERP systems. Contact us. Let’s talk more about smarter growth.

Your company’s most important features.
Already automated.

Groweo Automation makes more efficient 1:1 marketing and sales as well as automated ticketing based on customer behavior possible. You can get both to use in an instant.

Hit the bullseye. Every time.

It’s much nicer to play with the proper equipment.

Groweo’s Customer Data Platform offers you the tools you can survive with, hard-to-win skills based on data, as well as a playing field to sell, market, and serve at.

In a digitalizing market, information has become more important than before. Even more important is knowing how to exploit it. Groweo Customer Data Platform is integrated seamlessly into marketing and ticketing tools. So, in the future, you can be sure that information is not only collected but also converted to growth and cash flow.

Want to take a glance at better customer data?

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