Grow into bigger circles

Greater opportunities. With smaller stakes.

3 % or rather 300 %?

Groweo focuses on the core of your channels – increasing the performance of your online environments and the customer experience in its various areas.

With the help of our technology, you’re able to convert more and more online service visitors into leads and more and more leads inot customers sooner or later. After this, growth is easier, faster, and more effective.

SmartChat and partners

We offer no-code apps for your online environment, such as more effective SmartChat, dynamic forms and effective marketing tools.

The customer experience improves, interaction increases, and customer data is collected to be used by automations. The collected information is segmented and effective 1:1 marketing starts as planned, for everyone personally.

Focus on the facts

With our help, you know more about your customers. And most importantly – even more about what slows down ans what accelerates growth.

What seems to work in marketing doesn’t necessarily work in sales. Or vice versa. With our technology, you know exactly what works and what still needs to be improved. By using information correctly, you will find yourself growing in a way that will take your company to bigger and bigger circles.

Harness growth technology.

Growing in a multi-channel sales and marketing environment creates challenges for many. It’s difficult to take and identify the exact actions, and if the results are not as expected, it’s often challenging to trace the problems.

Groweo’s solutions help your company grow more cost-effectively, smarter, and faster. In addition to more effective sales, it helps your company market and serve even better.

A more efficient network environment

For more and more people, an effective online environment is the most important basis for business operations. With Groweo, you develop customer experience, coversion and productivity effectively in all online environments.

Segmented customer data

With the help of our segmentation tools, you create precise segements of your customer base and new customers based on customer behaviour for sales and marketing to use.

1:1 automations and tickets

1:1 marketing based on customer behaviour is up to 200% more effective, personal, and individual than mass marketing. With the same system, you also distribute internal sales and customer service tickets.

Real-time Growth Dashboard

When the effectiveness, performance and interest of customers in your products and services from different areas of marketing are in one place, you know better what to do in the future.

Shall we grow smarter and faster?

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