Groweo Partner Program

We believe that the best partnerships are born from openness, trust and a fairer partner model.

Partnership on the sellers conditions.

50% of Groweo’s founders are salespeople. In technology, it shows 5%. But in the partner program the effect is 105%.

We started by building a partner model that is more profitable than any other partner model we know. Or that our friends know.

The basic idea was money. Of course. At best, our partners receive around €3,500 from a single sale. Multiply that by your monthly sales.

Another idea was to clean everything from sales except sales. The result is more sales and none of the other stuff you don’t want to do.

Groweo Training Camp !#!

Have you heard of sales trainings that are not talked about? Our Groweo Training Camp training program is just that. Or even better.

You can succeed in sales when the education is perfect. And when doing it is fun. Education is both. Just like the annual parties that are talked about and only known to Groweo’s inner circle.

Groweo Partner Site

Do you like spreadsheets? Forget them. We offer our sellers a simple and superior sales system.

Groweo Partner Site is our own technology. You notice it because you don’t notice it – everything just works. Of course, if you want to use a spreadsheet program or graph paper, feel free to do so.

Groweo marketing

Didn’t get the deal? No worries. Groweo Marketing takes care of your leads for you until you land the deal. Well, this was probably no surprise.

The system sends marketing content on your behalf and transforms your leads into paying customers.

Selections from the Groweo partner program

A more rewarding reward model

Partner fees and commissions are shown in real time for individual sellers in the company-specific Groweo partner portal. An administrator can manage the performance of his sales team from a single view.

Rewards to your account faster

We account the sold licenses monthly to the account defined in the partner agreement. Groweo invoices the end user directly and is responsible for any credit losses. Easy and clear.

The opportunity to focus on what is essential

Our salespeople are left with sales only. Sales material and contract templates are created automatically in Groweo’s partner portal. After signing the contract, Groweo is responsible for providing the service to the customer.